Thursday, 1 March 2012

a SMALL thank you for BIG appreciation

Morning everyone ....
Today is so sunny here, in Indonesia
I hope you are on the good weather too, in anywhere you life
or just stay at home with a glass of orange juice may be it can refresh your day :)

This time i wanna share with you a tiny card, with indeed a BIG appreciated
as i have some problem with my head, that  a painful come on sometimes
but Lucky me,  when I have something uncomfortable with my eyes one day.
my eyes doctor in Singapore recommended me to see a neurologist too to help my eyes nerves rapidly improved, but the reality was not only my eye nerve rapidly improved, but also cured my headache.
And there is one thing that I still remember,
He said to me :
" ... my dear, be Joyful in your life, that was the first class medicine before others .."
I loved his advise and that is true :)

Here is my card, and it is made for Stempel Magie 1st March Challenge :

So my lovely friends .... be JOYFUL in your life, enjoy your day as it is.
It makes us easily through some up and down in our days :)



Ally said...

a very wise man!
Your card is fantastic, Yulis.
Hugs and kisses

Debbie Dolphin said...

so gorgeous. i love doctor edwin. i dont know where we can buy him in the UK xxx
hugs debbie xxx

Elizabeth Allan said...

Yulis I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. Through it all you continued to craft darling cards!

Clarissa Schupp said...

Hi Yulis,

welcome at Stempel-Magie. It´s a cute card, love the image and colors. Beautiful!

xoxo Andrea