Thursday, 18 April 2013

I cant forget it ..

Hi all!

Good day for you my friends over there ...
How are your day ? I wish that everything will be fine and well going with you :)
I am sorry that I've been quiet for days..
but, I am back today for good.. even not the best  think :(

I have recycle a paper bag , I've got it when I need my food on my way home hehehe
but the bread inside has covered with plastic as well so I promise this bag so clear :)))
I have painting some of the newest collection from Once upon a time, so I try to fit it up everything with my paper bag.

a little story behind he scene ..
I love to play Super Mario game since it has been booming on about 1986 if I am not false
and the words that I never forget is : "Thank you Mario ... but our Princess is in another Castle"
ho ho ho..

here my work to share today:

Once upon a time .... Mario would love to save Princess Peach !!!!
and the legend has back with my style ..
no Goomba here but still have the Mushroom !!  LoL

There are two pockets on my big size card, the smaller in front the bag and we can put some tags, notes, everything for keep shake the memories ... oops, my son said; mom, you can put your Mario cards on it hahahaa.. nice kids :)
and the other pocket is from the paper bag it self, I decided to keep it open until I have place my greeting on it and then sealed it with hand sewing.

Here the back of the pocket card,
When Mario arrived on the 3rd part of each world he must fight with the guard of King Bowzer. Once he won the bridge would be destroyed and he might continuing to the next level until on the world 8 he got the key and Princess Peach saved by Mario !!!

Thank you for visiting my blog today dear friends.. Wish you a lovely day!

Love, Yulis


Christina C. said...

OK, Yulis, I'm drooling over this magnificent work of art.....BRAVO!!
lOVE this stunning creation....the castle and the two images you paired so creatively...phenomenal!!!!
Gorgeous embellishments and love the pockets and I see the frantaged corner!

Yani said...

This is so pretty!! Loved everything about it. Makes me want to create my own story. Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Hi Yulis,
Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment you left. Of course I had to pop over and take a look at Mario; this is so funny! Gorgeous work as always, hope you are keeping well. Have a lovely weekend.

Sandy xx

Louise said...

Hi my dearest Yulis ❤
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
I too LOVE Mr Super Mario! OMG, I played that game and I don't think I ever saved the poor princess..;) rofl

I so appreciate what you've done here, it's sooo cool! Amazing creation indeed with such beautiful colouring and details :) You even thought about the mushrooms :) Way cool! You are a true artist!

Lots of love ❤