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Minggu, 27 Juli 2014

Vintage roses .. keep the Summer sweet memories


Long time no see ? he he he ..
Ok, I am sooo .. happy to say hi again to all of you guys!
how about you ?...  feeling happy and still don't wanna go from the lazy summer ? 
Time flies so fast and of course we have to moving on :)
but sure we all always had the sweet memories for every summer ..
and today I would love to frame that flowery summer memories on a tag .. and it was special for the Ribbon Girl Challenge as sweet Mary has invited me to be a GDT.

I use the cutest, Tilda with her Rose lace dress and she is from the latest collection Pink Lemonade 2014. Colored her with distress ink and doodling some petite flowers and grass with water color.
after a long time I don't pick any paper flowers for my card, today I have some roses to fit with everything sweet on here :)

 This is the most fabulous vintage fabric I've got from Ribbon Girl , calledVintage printed pink rose hessian ribbon , trust me if you see them in meters it was so fabulous! and also some roses that Ribbon Girl have on their shop. I tied it with hemp twine , also from Ribbon Girl

I have no idea how to take a picture to show you how glittery Tilda's dress ... aaargh...
I use the Wink of Stella on her dress and ribbon hat, gosh it was so beautiful shimmery IRL but can't show on here .. 

Ok, that's all for me today and will see you again, soon!

Thank you fro stopping by and Have a lovely day!!!


Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Because you're the anchor of my heart..

Hello dear fellows ..
*wave .. *wave .. from here!
Thinking of you.. are you still in the sunlight shower this time ?? the summer holiday still on the track isn't it ??
Wish you the wonderful days with the coconut trees, chilling with lots of ice cream and wrapped out with lots of fun!!
For you guys, I wanna share a card today .. I've got my earlier birthday gifts I think .. ooh ??? .. yes, yes .. my yummy packs from Magnolia coming!! when I got the DooHickey club on Friday, I've got the postie's message .. Ï have a parcel from Sweden for you madam, wait for me tomorrow morning" ha ha .. what a sweet man :) 
and he brings me the stamp club!!!
so, here the result for begin the play date ..

I love to picked a title for my card : You're the anchor of my heart
oooh .... such a bunch of beach things inside the Doohickey club vol. 1 they are so cute!!!
and my favorite is that anchor!! 
Image is : Summer Tilda with flags (she is coming soon on the latest release called Pink Lemonade 2014)
here more details :

I cut 2 pieces of card stock and I use frantage aged taupe for make it like an aged iron one

Flags also from DooHickey club vol. 1, Magnolia paper - Sea breeze

Seaweed are from the same kit, I use several frantage; aged aqua, seafoam white and fragments
if you want to see some of the dies from the kit, here I have some pictures for you:

 can you see it ? A seaworld made by my dear Debbie, you can also see how Monique show her super work .. and if you love to make paper flowers, you sure not regret if you come to Magnolia Blog, my dear team mate Yuri has fabulous tutorial on there
yup! .. that's all from me today because I really want to find more "me time" in my busy weeks to enjoy some ice cream, take care my parents and family also some coloring time to relax .. he he .. hopefully I will get :)

Have a great day everyone!!!


Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

a Wish!

Hello my dear fellows out there!
How are you ???
  and of course I always wish all of you were fine :)

it was so sad if I can't do nothing when I want to create .. my hand getting itching sometimes but really I just have very limited time :'(
although I still can play with my color medium but to create something was very interesting actually! Ok, but today I have a card to share ..

first, I am sorry for the photo .. I took this when the night fall so it was not quiet sharp and bright.
if you has stopping by on my blog posts few week ago you should mentioned that I am enjoy with my simple design .. until I remember that one of my team mate has been sending me a box of flowers!! so, today I deal with some tiny roses :) 
Thank you so much Ashlee!!
 The cutie Magnolia stamp I used was called : Tilda Catching Stars (Princes and Princesses 2012)
Papers are Magnolia and Pion design.
By this card I have a big wish for a beautiful star!
Hope you guys could be inspired and thank you so much for stopping by :)
Have a super day!!

Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

Heading to the summer sail

Hi everyone!
It may seem that I am little bit quiet sometimes .. yeah it's school holiday here and that's mean time for kids :D
However I keep my promise to share the summer fun with you all, and this is one more with the songs inspiration ..

I am in the mood with water color lately and thought that it was so fun to do. For the background, I embossed the maps and generously use water when I play with water color.
Here the stamps I used : Ocean Map , Salute Tilda (all from Sea Breeze 2013)
I wish you a bright sun shiny day and thank you so much for stopping by on my blog.
See you again!

I sail over seven seas, to find to your heart :)

Senin, 16 Juni 2014

Escape for Summer - Ribbon Girl GDT

and welcome again on my blog space :)
Today I have a card to share, and I am so honored when Mary from The Ribbon Girl asked me to be her GDT.
I made this card for someone that so sweet , I hope when she got it she received my wishes too .. I wish she will have a great Summer Holiday :)

This is my card:

See, I try to make an environment to represent my mind about the Summer escape .. LoL
Forest camping, Sea breeze or just enjoy the lazy days .. everything just enjoy the Summer off :)

I am so sorry that I have not much time to post lots of picture, but I hope it's all clear with the details and here the materials I used :

From Magnolia :
From The Ribbon Girl :

That's all from me today
Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all the beautiful Summer Holiday!!


Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Welcome Summer ...

Hello reader ..

It's been so long, like I am MIA for sometimes . but actually not so quiet here .. he he :-)
and today I am back again to share my card for starting this June , somehow I really want to fill this month with summer things. May be daren't to promise but I'll try my best :)
and here is for today,

 I made a card with a panel, take an ocean theme for waving the upcoming holiday season ..

Here is the photo for other angle to show the dimension on my panel card
I used Ohoj Tilda - Summer Memories 2012 , give her a water coloring with distress ink after I paint the background first using Faber Castell , nothing too fancy here but I just color her with happily.

Below is focusing to the panel I create,

I Paint the corrugate paper with white gesso first and put aside to dry.
Mixed acrylic paint with washable PVC glue and paint randomly on the panel, I used 2 color that represent the sea and sand :)
before they are drying completely I sprinkled Distress dry glitter powder from Ranger.
I show you the things on the next photos,

Other decorations  Dusky Blue button twine and clear Dewdrops they are from Ribbon Girl
I hope you will enjoy my card today and get inspiration.

Thank you so much for stopping by and will see you again!


Challenges :
Tilda's Town - Anything goes

Selasa, 20 Mei 2014

Hi ya !!

Hi ya!!

How are you readers ?
the sunny bright is how I've got today and what a beautiful day!
so it's my pleasure to popping and say Hi!!!

Today I have a card for sharing, because today my friends at MDUC have a new challenge with Tic-Tac-Toe board I will give my card for inspiration there and I choose : 
(using) Metal -  Wet embossing - Clean & simple

and here is my card,

This is a multi greeting card, that you can using on Birthday, Congratulation or just for saying hello to your friend! 4" x 6" is my fave or the note card shape, and for me this shape so easy to send by mail. On the sunny day who doesn't like water ??? it seems I need to take a bath many times a day because of the hot weather .. so, what the relations to my card .. yep! I think for water coloring background to make the sky :)

Before I'll let you know what I did for water coloring the sky, here I show you where is the metal I used. That is craft wire with black color .. I use wire to replace the balloon's thread 
Do you see the cloud ? it was another fun way to put some clouds on card.

I cut a piece of scrap thick paper using Pti dies - clouds but here I used the negative to have my homemade stencil and then stencil over it using embossing paste. here I didn't cover it all smooth surface but I made some texture on the bigger cloud

you can noticed them ? different surface between the small cloud and the big one. You can do all for smooth or all for textured is up to you :)

this step is the most step I love! .. yey!! time to watering .. LoL!!!
using big brush I covered the surface with lot of water to make them so wet.
I use Faber Castell water color palette, but any water color you may have can be use also.

Blue color is mixed from blue and white , I adding more and more water on it! start out the watercolor on the cloud's edge and let it flow their own by moving the paper .. let it flow... and flow....... use a heat gun to dry faster or simply let it dry for hours. You can see the beautiful water coloring result when they are completely dry!
Please note : Using the water color paper that have minimum thickness 140 lb / 300gsm and be generous with water :)

After my background ready, I just simply place it on my base card, also made a great place to give a word .. "Hi ya!" is from Pti stamp and it was so cute don't you think ?? so perfect for saying Hi! especially on the beautiful sunny day :)

Okay, that's for me today. Thank you for stopping here and I'll see you again!


I would love to entering this at 
Simply Magnolia - add sky 
Medweek Magnolia - Pretty in pink