Friday, 9 March 2012

It is the best thing in my Crafty life, ever!

One night on Indonesian time table ....

I have an email from Magnolia, and that is the best email ever for me !
my heart skipped a beat and my fever going down, as my cough was so bad but at that time it was getting stopped for awhile =))

Oh my God, thank you very much for giving the best thing for me ..
and a big bunch of thanks for Magnolia's team!
thank you for giving me such a great challenge to be on your team :)
Magnolia have a great Designer Team member, they are very nice and lovely people
and the important thing is they are inspired others a lot with their great creation.
So, I hope i can give my best too ..

thank you for all my sweet friends that supporting me with lots of love :)

and the last but the most importing in my live is my FAMILY!
my lovely husband that support me a lot without no complaint with my hobby and my great sons that always helping me to take pictures and teach me how to blogging :D
and my parents too that always beside me on up and down ..
my family always shower me with their LOVE

This is one of my fave :
 and i loved to say : I love you since Black and White ...

With Love,


Ayu (MimiPipi Craft) said...

Ci Lily kereeeeenn... Bangga deh. Seneng...

Congrats Ci, all your creations are great, you deserve to be a DT.
I'm happy for you. *hug

Cathy Fongjoyo said...

Congratulations !!! your projects are gorgeous and awesome! you will inspire so many people! ^^

Moccavanila by Vera Rhuhay said...

Huge congrats Yulis!!! so so proud of you and and so happy for you :)
I don't know what to say again...i just love all of your creations :)

Debbie Dolphin said...

Well done Yulis. So very well deserved. So glad you are going to be my teamie xx:)
Debbie xxx

Kizzy said...

Congratulations Yulis! That is wonderful news!! You create some fantastic projects so it's well deserved, enjoy!!
Hugs Kizzy

Kylie said...

Congratulations Yulis! I am so happy that you are finally a part of the Maggie DT - a massive welcome to you! All that hard work paid off :) Very much a deserved position for you Sweetie.
Hugs Kylie x

Ying Pang, said...

congratulations Yulis! finally you reach your dream, I am so happy for you . We are in the same team now, am looking forward for your beautiful creation and how lucky we have you in our great team !

Ally said...

woooo hooooo my sweet friend from Indonesia!!! Didn't I tell you that I think you should be in the Magnolia Team???? And finally you made it!! Huge congrats to you!! Wishing you all the best.
Big hugs, Alessandra

SUSAN said...

huaaaaaaaaaa gilaaaaaaaaaaa...superrrrr gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, iriii aku...heheheee,

kabar ini bener2 bikin hepiiii pooool...
selamat ya mbak Yulis,so so happy for you.
Emang nggak salah, klo Magnolia melirik mbak Yulis sebagai DT, karya-karya mbak Yulis keren abis dan kecintaanmu ke Magnolia nggak diragukan lagi....
Two thumbs up

maaf susan telat dengar kabar suka cita ini, karena seminggu ini nggak ngeblog, mbak.


My Handmade Expressions said...

WOOHOOOOO!!!CONGRATULATIONS Yulis! You totally deserve such an amazing reward for your beautiful work an d love to Magnolia.
Enjoy it!
Big Hugs,

Daisy said...

halo,, im new to Magnolia, i love your works, bagus bagus cik :) May i know the name of that black and white stamp

Elizabeth Allan said...

Yay Yulis!! Many congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your exciting news. You are going to be a great addition to their Design Team!

Yulis Kartika said...

Hello Daisy, i can't find your blog address or your email address so i just can replay you answer here, all the stamps can inked out with any ink pad you loved, and stamp it on the paper so if you want to coloring in black and white simply stamp your image with blakc ink then coloring with just black color :)

Yulis Kartika said...

to all my friends, thank you very much for your blessing and greeting. without you all, i am nothing .. so, you are the best part in my crafty world ever!
With Love,